It all came together rather quick and easy for The Hi-End – a five piece, high octane
Rock & Roll band out of Boston. Knowing each other in the local music scene and
having previously played together in various projects and in assorted incarnations over
the years, they joined forces in the summer of 2015 to compete in a “Bar Wars” show…
a benefit to raise money for the regional Jamaica Plain Music Fest. There at the one-off
gig they played diverse cover songs of some of their favorites by The Jam, AC/DC, and
Judas Priest. They never really considered winning the thing – so, of course, they did!
The prize earned them a slot on the big JP Music Fest where they would now perform
to hundreds of people. !
The performance guidelines for the festival required that The Hi-End to play original
material. As they all wanted to form a new band together anyway they stepped it up,
wrote some tunes, played the festival and just kept on going.

Now one year and a handful of killer shows later the band is geared to release its first
official EP titled 100 Proof. The four songs within are bright, catchy and tough with a
strong pop sensibility. The music is to the point, with memorable hooks and swagger,
complete with confident vocals, dual rhythm-guitar interplay, and a tight bass and drum
combo holding it together by the throat. !
Singer Johnny Carlevale’s lyrics embody a heartfelt aesthetic touching on topics of
scene apathy, inner strength, dangerous women and good times. Musically the band’s
sound is a gritty cross between Brit pub-rock, proto punk, 60’s soul and a straight up
rocking stomp. Let the good times roll indeed.!